Knight Rider 30 Year Anniversary.

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Published on: September 26, 2012

Knight Rider’s 30th Year Anniversary.


Knight Rider

Knight Rider NBC Classic

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About 30 years ago, NBC was airing a teaser commercial for Knight Rider. They had the General Lee and KITT out in the desert, and you could send away for a wall comparison chart (“The competition is no competition”).
I remember seeing that commercial, and resenting it. I was a Dukes fan, and I thought “how dare they say that there’s a car better than the General!” I tried to figure out what the announcer meant when he said “this car does a lot more than go fast and jump puddles.” At the time, I had no idea the car could talk. I just focused on the word “knight” and I assumed that maybe a lance would pop out in front of the car, and the driver would go around jousting with other cars. It seemed like a stupid idea for a show to me.

Of course, I was wrong. A few weeks before air, NBC started airing footage of a talking car and I went “oooohhhhhhhhhhh…..” And the rest is history. What about the rest of you? Do you remember the first time you heard about Knight Rider? What did you think?

LOL I always answered when people asked me what Knight Rider is like “It’s about a talking car that has a fear of hights” 

In the summer of 1982 I moved from South Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia. A friend of mine was working on a movie being filmed in Atlanta and asked one day if I wanted to come down that night and watch them film a “stunt” scene. I said sure and went down. The “stunt” was a pick-up truck driving in a rain storm. Basically the pick-up was following a water truck that sprayed water up into the air and it fell down like rain onto the pick-up making it look like it was in a rain storm.

They filmed this “stunt” for a couple of hours and then everyone broke for a dinner break. During the break I went over to talk to the stunt driver. I asked him what productions he had worked on. He rattled off several titles that I had not heard of. Then he said, “I just worked on a pilot for a new tv series called KNIGHT RIDER. It’s about a car that talks and drives itself.” I then said to him, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. It’ll never sell.” That stunt driver was Robert Bralver, stunt coordinator for the pilot and the first few episodes. The rest, as they say is history. So, I actually knew about KNIGHT RIDER well before the general public. Ain’t life funny?

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